District Governor Terence F. Treppa

   Lion Rev. Terence F. Treppa Ph.D.                                           

     Centennial Governor 11 A1


Fellow Lions of District 11 A1,

It has been my privilege to serve as your District Governor for the years 2017 – 2018, our Centennial year. We’ve had some ups and some downs. In reality we really cannot ascertain what is going on until  in the future when we can look back and decide was it a good year, mediocre year, or banner year for our district. Only time will tell.

In the past year I’ve visited all of our clubs. The Centennial Presidents were presented with a tie or scarf for the lady Presidents. Everyone received a pin from various parts of the world and everyone also received a membership application. I was most pleased when Lions Shirley Kelly and Norris Turner accompanied me and my sister Maureen, our Council Secretary at my club visits. Their presence gave all of you a chance to meet them and they presented the Chevron awards to many Lions.

Unfortunately we did lose a couple of clubs. Petersburg Summerfield simply gave up as did the Madonna University club. On the bright side several of the members of these clubs joined other clubs. Of the members who were dropped 48% were Lions three years or less. We have an opportunity to reach out to our new Lions and make them welcome. Each Lion has a Sponsor and it is up to the Sponsors to see to it that the person they invited into Lionism is brought into the fold by attendance at the club meetings and attendance at our Orientation program. Furthermore all are invited to the Cabinet meetings, District Convention, MD 11 Convention, International Convention, and high on the list is the USA/Canada Forum and MI Forum. There are ample opportunities for inclusion in our service organization. It us up to the Sponsors to be inviting, welcoming, and nurturing the new Lions. We certainly can do better in the future.

I’m going to apply for the FDI (Faculty Development Institute) that usually takes place in either November or February. The other course I’m going to apply for is the Lions Certified Instructor Program. I really enjoy the training process. I’ve taught at the MI Forum and District Leadership Training. The MI Forum is informational and the District Leadership Training is instruction on a specific topic within the realm of Lionism. I’ll let you know the outcome of my applications. There are no guarantees of acceptance at either Institute.

Again thank you for your cooperation and service to our district. You are a Light to the District and a sign that there are people who do care for their fellow human beings. We do what we can and leave the results in the hands of the Lord. We do our part and He does His.

                                                            Rev. Terence F. Treppa Ph.D.

                                                            Centennial governor 2017-2018

                                                            District 11 A1


Lion DG Treppa Appreciaiton

September 16, 2018  (click above)